20 Social Media Ideas to Increase Curiosity about Your Online Course

Creating social media posts to raise awareness and publicity for your content is a must nowadays. It’s an essential part of the sales and marketing for your online course. Your online course is only useful if the right people actually get to see and engage with the content.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to use social media to generate attention and buzz. Creating curiosity about your course will help it reach your ideal target audience.

To start with, you should have already selected a niche, know your target audience, and the problems that they face. Don’t know how to do this? Check our article on how to create a brilliant online course.

Below are 20 different social media ideas to increase curiosity about your online course.

  1. Does your profile header/banner highlight your course? This could be an image, url or text describing the features of your course.
  2. This is often an overlooked area of a profile. Have you added information and links about your course in the about / bio section?
  3. As you become more engaged in a social media platform, more people will check your profile. Many platforms have a link section where you can share your website or course url. Make it easy for people to explore what you offer.
  4. On Facebook Business Page you can add a shop of services where you can add your course.
  5. Writing blog posts about your course which can be added to your own blog, dropping into facebook groups and online forums. The best approach is to find questions to answer, share a short response and a link to your post about that topic.
  6. Again in Facebook groups, create short education videos to answer questions. Remember to mention your course can help them with more in-depth knowledge. You can re-share these videos on your YouTube channel or facebook business page.
  7. Create a valuable lead magnet that you can create your own social posts for or share when answering questions.
  8. Let your students do the selling by sharing their testimonials.
  9. Pick a mini action from your course and create a FB Live or an IGTV.
  10. Create a Mini-Lesson which covers a topic in your course and share it on youtube. Obviously with a link to your course in the description.
  11. Create a trail access to your course or some free lessons which you can share on your social media platform.
  12. Be the guest expert by writing Blog Posts or by being interview on a Podcast and share that with your audience.
  13. Create a social media post that challenges the status quo. The idea is not to be too outrageous with your views, rather than for people to notice and engage. Stand out from the crowd.
  14. Behind the scenes, post are always welcomed on social media platforms. That could be you filming your video for your course or even your home office set up.
  15. This idea goes beyond the standard testimonial post. By putting some of your students and their successes into the spotlight. You may which to great a graphic or even do a full interview with them.
  16. Creating a Webinar or Masterclass is another great example of an interaction with potential students. Sharing this type of free resource within social media is a great way to create curiosity.
  17. Popular on facebook, 5 Day Challenges are good to share within threads and groups where people are looking for help.
  18. You can create Quizzes on the likes of Buzzfeed, as a fun and engaging way to help people and direct them to your course.
  19. Polls are great on Facebook and Instagram and another way to highlight the benefits of your course.
  20. Maybe not so obvious, is to ensure you have a Facebook Pixel on your website so you can then use that information to target people who have already seen your content with a facebook ad.


Facebook Groups are an excellent place to find your ideal target audience. There is an array of groups, so no matter what your niche is, you’ll find a few useful ones. Use them as resources to understand their problems and challenges and see how your course can support them. Goes without saying to check the rules about posting. Try to respond to as many questions you can. Doing this would position you as an authority in the field. Remember to share details about your course or drop a link to your landing page or some other section of your sales funnel.


YouTube is an excellent resource for driving curiosity and marketing your courses. This is a platform may people use to find the answer to a question. It can be like it’s own search engine. Review what videos you have already and which could be shared on YouTube. Simply include a link in your bio or the video description. And this would spread curiosity of your courses around.


Instagram is perfect for visual content. Share student results and testimonials. Top Tips from your course. Visuals on what is inside your courses such as workbooks or handouts. Or even post videos of yourself discussing common problems and solutions to them. Remember to use links to your course and include in your profile.


Reddit is another great platform that can help you get out your message to those that need to hear it. With over 100 million viewers per month, the online community is so active that if you produce quality content, you’ll get upvoted quickly, build a good reputation, and then be able to sell your content.


Quora is pretty the best in terms of online questions and answers. Allocate some time to research for questions on your topic and give thoughtful and meaningful responses. Once again, answering questions and then putting out free content builds credibility and enhances people click through to your content and website. You can also use this platform to give you ideas for other content creation – videos, blog posts, graphics etc.

All these suggestions help to filter potential students into your course or membership. Struggling with marketing? Check out our article on how to use sales funnels to sell your course.

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