The ONLY 3 types of Web Fonts you will need

The wonderful world of fonts. There are days when it feels like I’m a kid in a sweetie shop when I look at font choices. Sooooo many decisions to make. It can be tough deciding on just three to work with for a website. But do trust me when I say you only need three for your website design. Similarly to deciding colours you can get stuck in the font black hole. I get it. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing all rolled into one. Working with clients over the years, I found explaining the basics of how fonts work together, helps them make decisions on choices I give them.

Knowing the basics of Fonts

By understanding the basics in how fonts work together will help you make the decision on what style of font or font family you need. Think about how you read an article or a book. You already know the basics – even without realising it.  There are three key elements. For each element using one font will give your website or branding a coherent, put together look and feel.

The Header Font

Headers are a signpost of what is to come. They stand proud. They are front and centre. So make them count. Header fonts are a perfect place to show your personality. Your uniqueness. Now I know some peeps like to get carried away and go to crazy town with illegible fonts. There are numerous fonts out there.  If you like a style but find it hard to read, so will your audience. Work out what you like about it. Then dig deeper. Explore. And find one which is readable.

The Body Text Font

Notice how you are trying to outsource your decision making, about your business. Try to catch yourself when you find yourself repeating this pattern.  The most important thing to remember as you create a great business team around you and your website. It WILL change and evolve over time. As you change as a person. As your products and services evolve. As your dream clients change. And that’s ok. The most important thing is to make a start and move forward.

The Call Out Font

Look at me! Look at me! This is what the call out font is all about. Think of it like the golden buzzer. The red carpet dress. It makes you take notice. Because you want someone to take action on your website. It could be a buy now button. A click here to discover more. Calls to action directs people on what you want them to do. As attention spans on webpages decrease, make the action you need them to take obvious. It’s not a game of hide and seek. Use it sparingly. But make it stand out.

So there you have it. The three fonts you need for a website. So if you are starting to be a collector mantic with fonts on your site. Step away. Have a cuppa. Come back with a fresh pair of eyes and select your three key fonts.  I sometimes think people worry that having only three fonts is restrictive. But remember you can use one font in many different ways.

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