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Banish Mind Monkeys with this


When you are running a business, from the outside it looks like so much fun. However, something which affects pretty much every entrepreneur … is the Mind Monkeys.

In other words, those stories, beliefs, mental blocks (aka mindset) that stand between you and your true potential. It is something which we don’t always talk about openly. Yet we all have to deal with them.

There are different approaches – some want to erase them, some want to pretend they don’t exist, plus a whole host of other approaches. My personal favourite is to neutralise them. That way I think you can let them go much easier.


What is the Monkey

The first step to letting go of your mind monkey is to identify what they are.
If you are not sure, try answering these questions:

  • What activities in your business drain you?
  • Which do you avoid?
  • What can’t you do at all?
  • Which tasks do you get stuck on?

Dive Deeper

Start to look at yourself honestly, without judgement, just curiosity. Ask yourself WHY.

  • WHY do you find certain activities so draining?
  • WHY do you avoid others?
  • WHY do you believe you can’t do xyz?
  • WHY do you think you get stuck?

Know that many people, similar to you, have many mind monkeys. Ranging from ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Who I’m I to do this’, ‘When I compare myself to xxx, how can I make this work’, ‘Fear of sharing what you do’, ‘Fear of being judged by others’, ‘Fear of being visible’.

With Awareness Comes Clarity

So from gaining awareness of why things are difficult, you can get super clear on the beliefs/thoughts that are blocking your path. Once you have that clarity, you can do the inner work to move forward.

How To Neutralise Them

There are sooooo many techniques and tools to use – here are some of my favourites.

  • Journalling
  • Tapping (also known as EFT)
  • Speaking with a trusted advisor
  • Affirmations
  • Word Reframing
  • Deciding to outsource tasks

Try and test which method works best for you.

Even if some people believe, no one person is perfect. We all continue to grow, to develop, to improve. By identifying what isn’t working for us, we can start to work toward improving our mindsets. Obviously, if you feel you are struggling in this area there are many professional groups across the world, you can talk to.

Clare Fielder

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