Business Lesson from the most unlikely places

Business Lesson from the most unlikely places

Over the last few months, there has been so much media coverage of The World Cup, Love Island, and Le Tour De France. So as I sip my coffee I was wondering if there are any business lessons to learn from these events? Here are my thoughts.

Love Island 100% my type

So on Monday night Dani and Jack won Love Island. Over the last eight weeks, there have been a few biz lessons which I have reflected on.
Firstly, you don’t have to do the same as everyone else. Dani was very clear on what she stood for, and what her values where. And she continued to stand by those while respecting people who were different. I think often in the online world we look to guru’s/idols and follow/copy what they do, even if we know it’s not good for our businesses.

Action : Get rock solid on what you stand for.

Secondly, finding someone (aka your clients) who are 100% my type. We saw many of the contestants try to find love with the ups and downs along the way. But they all know who they wanted to attract.

Action : Plan and Map out your Ideal ‘100% my type’ client.

The World Cup

The Waistcoat Effect
Many people got swept away with the idea of “It’s coming home”. But after it was over, there was a different conversation. Are waistcoats really the next big fashion statement 😉 But also, what does it mean to be a leader? What is the best way to get results from a team?
Gareth Southgate decided to approach the role in a very different way to those before him. He had faith in his abilities but also his systems, techniques, and team.

Action : Create a list of the things which you know in your heart, you are amazing at (and keep it close in times of doubt).

Le Tour De France

Get Ready To Shine
This weekend Geraint Thomas realised a childhood dream. He won Le Tour De France. He kept on going, for years he had been supporting his teammates. And when it was his time to shine his teammates, his support team, were ready to back him all the way. And he was ready to step into that limelight.
Action : Reflect on how you treat the support team around you. Let them know how they can support you.

There are lessons everywhere. Little pearls of wisdom ready to spark a new thought, idea or action. Sometimes you just need a cup of coffee and a quiet moment of reflection to see them.



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