Core Pillars of a Sold-Out Life Coaching Package

As a life coach or spiritual solopreneur, offering a life coaching package can be your bread and butter. It offers a clear and easy way for your clients to work with you. While for you, it creates a service with clear boundaries and goals. But what will make your life coaching package stand out from the competition? There are a number of core pillars to consider when creating your sold-out life coaching package. Let’s explore them further.

What are the benefits of offering your services as a package?

Firstly let’s talk about the benefits of gathering your knowledge, guidance, and wisdom into a program or package. Offering packaged services creates clarity and focus for both you and your clients. Clients know up front what they’ll receive and how much it will cost. They don’t have to keep track of individual billing every month or worry about running out of time on an hourly coaching call. It also helps them stay focused on their goals, knowing that you’re available for the duration of their package keeps them motivated and on task. In addition, it helps create a more robust relationship between you and your client. Working together in this capacity requires trust, commitment, and dedication from both sides.

Create a Unique Program

Firstly, you want to create an exciting program with unique content that sets you apart from other life coaches. Your idea should be based on your experience and knowledge, but also be something your target market is interested in learning more about or a challenge they need to overcome. Think outside the box when it comes to topics and activities and make sure to bring something new that others don’t offer.

Set Clear Goals For Your Clients

Whatever your package or program offers, make sure there are create clear goals and outcomes. This makes it easier to sell and for potential customers to make their buying decision. Consider, What do they hope to achieve through working with you? How will they measure success? Knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time will help ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the program. It also allows you to track progress and make sure your clients are making strides toward their goals.

Include a Variety of Support Services

Your life coaching package should include more than just one-on-one sessions with you. Consider offering support services such as email check-ins, accountability calls, personalized worksheets or resources, access to relevant digital content, access to an in-person event, and so forth. You can also include bonuses like a welcome package and discounts on future services. My guidance on this is to create a list of everything you could offer. They review the list over a few days and see what you want and can offer. Often coaches feel like there have to include more and more elements, without questioning if it is helpful or necessary.

Create a Connection

A second key element is connecting with your audience during the creation process. I see many coaches create programs in isolation or just with the input of business friends. Rather than talking with past clients or potential ideal customers. It can be daunting to talk to others about your ideas but the benefit of receiving their feedback and insights is invaluable. You want to create a package that appeals to your target market, so talk to them in order to get their input. Ask what resonates with them, find out if they face any challenges or struggles in their work and life, and see what solutions they might need help with. Showing empathy is key here; let them know you get where they’re coming from and why they need help with this particular topic or issue.

Video or audio can be powerful

There are many different ways in which you can connect to your potential customers. Some people offer a consult call, others share a video on a sales page. Whichever approach suit you, the key is to ensure a connection. Seeing and hearing someone can be a strong motivation for why you do or don’t buy a program. I know for myself I haven’t bought a program because I didn’t like the sound of someone’s voice (12 weeks of listening to it, would have been the end of me). While I’ve also brought a product because I loved the sounds of their voice (nothing more to say then – Danielle La Porte).

Price It Right

When it comes to pricing, you want to ensure that everyone who purchases it feels like they got great value, but also make sure it covers all costs associated with delivering the program such as hosting costs, any materials needed, etc. Pricing can be a tricky thing, as it can be difficult to determine what your market is willing to pay. It’s also important to research how other similar programs are priced and make sure you’re not under or over-pricing.

Creating different access points

You may want to consider creating different levels of pricing with different levels of access. Not only can this help you reach more people, but also reaches them in a way they value. It’s important to remember that different people have different ways of learning as well. Some will value the personal touch and support, while others’ brain work in a different way and want to absorb all the information instantly.

Make It Easy To Buy

Lastly, once everything is finalised create an easy way for people to buy from you! This means having a smooth checkout process on your website or wherever else people can purchase from you (eCommerce store, etc). Make sure there are no hiccups during the process so customers don’t get frustrated or give up before completing their purchase, this could potentially lead to lost sales! Factor in some time to test out the buyer’s journey.


Creating a program that resonates with your target market doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right guidance and steps, you can create a package that appeals to your ideal customers. Firstly, you want to create a list of elements that you could offer and review it over a few days. Secondly, connecting with your audience during the creation process is key in order to receive feedback and insight into what resonates with them. Additionally, consider offering different levels of access to further reach more people. Finally, make sure the checkout process is as smooth and easy to use as possible. Following these steps will ensure that you create a program your ideal customers can’t resist!

Need Support?

If you are looking for support in creating a coaching program or up-leveling the one you have, I would be more than happy to help. I offer one-on-one strategy sessions to get you started in the right direction. Feel free to schedule a discovery call here and let’s discuss this further.

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