Creating a Colour Palette for your Brand

One element of creating a brand is selecting the colour palette you want to use for your website and social media graphics. In this previous blog post, I shared one approach to choosing your brand colours. Today I wanted to share more about the selection and use of colour for your brand.

The first starting point is to have an array of the colours which you wish to use. Do a quick filter on these and pick your absolute favourites. I’d suggest selecting around 6 – 9 colours as your starting point. I will show how these colours will be working together and by the end you will have around 3 – 6 colours as your brand palette.

How do you want clients to feel?

A top tip I share with clients is to write down three to five key words you want your potential clients to feel when they interact with your brand e.g. empowered, alive, abundant, and happy. Another way of doing this, is to write down your brand values e.g. passion, leadership, freedom. This will help you to reconnect to your clients and to what you want to achieve with your branding.

Call out / Pop Colour

When you look at your selected colours which colour catches your eye and stands out the most? In the example below I have used the hot pink. This colour is used to draw the eye to a certain place on a webpage. It could be a ‘call to action’ such as a buy now button, sign up for a freebie or newsletter. It used sparingly on a page, this makes it stand out.

Font Colour

I’ve written a separate blog post about this topic, check it out here. The key things to remember are that the colour has to be easy to read and easy on the eye. If you want to move away from black and grey, think dark and muted. Dark purples, muted greens, or when dark orange.

Key Colours

These are the colours which your heading will be in. Often they can also be found in your logo for your site was well. They will also be used within imagery, graphic flourishes and photo’s throughout your site. This will give your site and brand image, a put together and polished look.

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