Five website problems, and how to fix them

by | Jun 29, 2018

Five website problems and how to fix them


I often talk about website shame. There can be various reasons why people don’t want to, or feel unconfident in sharing their website address with others. I’m all about turning your digital home aka your website, into a place where you do want to invite others into. So here are some of the five common problems people have when they have shame around their website. And some suggestions on how to move towards have website pride.


Website Problem #1 What do you do?

When people first arrive on your website, you have been 4- 7 seconds to let them know exactly what you do. So if you don’t clearly state it to them, in a way that is easy to understand, then people are going to be confused.

  • Do you have a tagline or intro headline?
  • Do you say what you do?
  • Do you share what you offer and who you help?

Be clear. Be direct. You want people to land on your site and think, I know what they do/offer, and I want to discover more.l.

Website Problem #2 Why aren’t people staying on my site? #socialmedia

One common problem I see (nearly every day) is that once you have got people to land on your site you are directing them to another place. And that place is usually the digital black hole of social media. Which means you are unlikely to get them back onto your site. Social media icons are great to include in your website but not as one of the first things someone sees.

  • Do you have social media icons and links at the top of your page or in your navigation bar?
  • Can you see you social media links without scrolling?

Don’t get me wrong, social links and icon have their place. And on a website, that place is in your footer area or footer bar.

Website Problem #3 Where’s my traffic? #norushour

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing because it is the only platform you have full ownership and control over. Yes, people do spend a lot of time on social media platforms, but you want to redirect them back to your site.

  • Do you have links to your website in your social media bio’s
  • When you sign up for networking events do you use your business email?

Make sure all your links on your social pipes, point back to your digital home aka your website.

Website Problem #4 Why isn’t my email list growing? #allabouttheemails

Optin forms can be a complex and interesting topic area. When it comes to optin forms I’m of the old adage – treat others as you wish to be treated. When you land on a site and are bombarded with flying pop ups and sign up boxes, it’s annoying. Allow your visitors to get a little bit into your site before offering a lead magnet or optin. It’s like being on a first date, and them trying to kiss you even before you had a sip of your drink. #notcool.

  • How long it is before you gently make an offer to sign up for your thing?
  • Is your lead magnet/optin of value?
  • Do people understand what you are offering?
  • Is it clear what to expect from the newsletter or optin?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and find out what you can do to create content that will inspire them and add value to their lives. Like a website thing is set in stone. If the optin isn’t working then change it.

Website Problem #5 People aren’t click through to my offer? #tellmewhattodo

There can be a number of reasons why people are taking you up on your offer. The main mistake I see, is people leaving money on the table. There is no way to buy from them. Well, no obvious way. Lack of buy now, book a call, get in contact buttons. Remember you are sharing a story with your potential client, taking them on a journey.

  • Does every page have a goal?
  • Does every page have a way to contact you? Button or contact form?
  • Does every page have a call to action?

They need signposts or call to actions to tell them what you want them to do. On every page, if you don’t tell them, they are likely to not do anything.


I hope the above guidance and suggestions have helped you. Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing, so make it work for you. These are relatively simple problems to fix. Put some time in your calendar and action any areas that can be improved.

If you need a helping hand, feel free to contact me here.

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