Roots Hair & Beauty

Debbie & Carolyn are two glamorous clients based in the UK and Doha. They were great at providing high quality photo’s. So, although I have never been to their Doha Salon, I able to pick out key visual clues their clients would recognise.



Roots Hair & Beauty

Debbie owns a luxury hair and beauty salon in Doha. She opened Roots Hair & Beauty in 2015 as a place to eliminate the best of British hairdressing in Doha. She has developed and grown her business into a thriving salon with a reputation for quality. She wanted to have more control over her website and expand her reach through social media.

Firstly I moved the site over to WordPress and used a theme with drag and drop builder. This way Debbie could have an easy to use system to make alternations to the site over time (and even add pages as she expands). And I would have the flexibility to add the coding and styling elements.

From seeing the great photos of the salon, I could see Orchids where the main flower used to decorate the salon. So using this as a graphical flourish for a key visual clue that her clients would recognise and connect with. As the site started to come together I then layering some subtle text transition to give the site movement.

Roots Hair & Beauty


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