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New digital homes
Noelle Goggin is a spiritual coach. She was looking for a new site which felt more aligned to her work and which she could update herself.
The Raw Fix is an artisan raw food company which has created raw food breakfast and snack products. This e-commerce site is the perfect place to sell this high end product.
Roots is a Hair and Beauty Salon in Doha. Known for its luxury environment and highly-quality British staff. Debbie was looking to refresh the site and to align it to the salon, and the services they offer.

A total professional who was able to understand my whims and just got on with it!

I'd highly recommend Clare, from the beginning to end the process has been painless! I have been told the website is easy to navigate, it's fun, it's obvious what I do and engaging.

Elaine Pasini

Do yourself a Favor: Hire this woman.

Clare is a Dream. After nearly driving myself insane, she dove in and created exactly what I needed for my site. She saved my ass and made my launch a smashing success - and calmed me down (no easy feat).

Rebecca T Dickson

A wealth of knowledge and wisdom in business strategy

She is always thinking one step ahead, exploring possibilities, connecting dots and tying up loose ends in your plans to lead to your successful outcome. It's not just about the what though, Clare is great to work with; full of energy, enthusiasm and she is gifted in making what's daunting feel do-able. She has a lovely way of giving support, encouragement, and accountability and it's a pleasure to work with her.

Noelle Goggin

Trust me you NEED a Clare in your life!

She really understands what I'm thinking and then goes all out to make it even better than I imagined. She has a truly thorough understanding of websites and offers her advice to make sure you get the best out of your website. This makes her an invaluable resource.

Rachel Penman

Clare is so intuitive and she really listens.

I have no idea what kind of magic spell she put on me and my website, but she has helped be proud of what I do.

Ruth Willis

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