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putting baby in the corner?

You’ve lost countless hours with allllllll your tabs open, glazing at pinterest boards, color and font choices. You tried to create your own logo but it just felt amateurish and inauthentic.

You’ve had your small business / start-up / micro business / side hustle, that is under 2 years old, and haven’t hit the $5k per month mark, YET!

And you’re thinking, can you really get your business noticed by those who need you most without having to blow all your money on an uber expensive logo + web designer?

Yes you can!

Imagine having a simple yet professional logo, brand, and website, so that you can close down all the tabs that were no longer serving you.

And do what you love to do.

Helping clients, growing your business, and changing the world in your own way.

She has a truly thorough understanding of websites and offers her advice to make sure you get the best out of your website, rather than just ‘making do’.

Working with Clare has been a fantastic experience!

She really understands what I’m thinking and then goes all out to make it even better than I imagined. She really ‘gets’ what you want and will work hard to make sure it exceeds your expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to everyone, she really is the best you can get!

Her ideas, recommendations and her understanding of all the back end stuff makes her an invaluable resource.

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Often you will hear others say ‘your brand is your client’s first impression of you’. Which is totally true.

But here is the dirty little secret

that no one reallllly likes to talk about.

Because your logo is all about you, it can be ‘that’ thing we hide behind. We have all heard of ‘Imposer syndrome’ (even Michelle Obama has it). 

Because putting your self out there is scary.

Having a logo that you are proud of, releases those feelings. It gives you more confidence. I’ve seen time and time again. When someone has pride in sharing their business card, talking about their business, a few thing change.

  • How they stand
  • The language they use
  • Passion for their business and industry oozes out of every pore
  • More opportunities appear

I could go one, but you get the picture.


it’s up to you.

You can try to figure all this out your own, and whine, complain and grumble about the slow progress, the unchartered territories and the sheer frustration of trying to piece together a million things.

OR you can choose to say YES to …

Start up


Start up


It is THE ONLY system that because DONE beats procrastination. Now you’re ready to be visible.

That shows you how to get your business noticed by those who need you most.
And that regains your sanity and stop wasting your precious time faffing around with endless colour decisions. 
And that goes from amateurish to profesh and legit, minus the never-ending headache.

What you get?



  • Branding Playbook

You’ll have a branding playbook to complete. This will tells us more about you, your business, and your hopes and dreams. 


  • Brand style guide

Based on your Branding Playbook feedback you’ll receive three different style guides.  Choose your favourite.


  • Primary logo

Again using the information you have shared in your branding playbook, you will pick your favourite out of three logo options.


  • Mobile responsive design 

This will include sections such as intro, about, services, blog, opt-in, contact form. You share the images and copy, we do the rest.


£350 X 4 monthly payments 

$450 x 4 monthly payments

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£350 X 4 monthly payments 

$450 x 4 monthly payments

Let’s get started >>


The nitty gritty

The process


Complete our form so you can tell us about you and business. We will answer any question you may have. If we are a fit. Pay the first monthly payment to secure your place in the schedule.


You’ll complete the branding playbook. Then you sit back and we create three brand concepts for you to choose your favourite. The final colour palettes and font schemes will be worked up


Next your logo design will follow the same process. We’ll take the information from the branding playbook to create three different concepts. Pick your favourite and you will receive a colour, black, and white versions. 


Time for you to complete your Website Playbook. From this you will receive a draft version to review. By the end of these 4 weeks you will have completed the copy for your site and share any images you want to use.  


I’ll set up your domain and hosting. Ready for you to  share your copy and images. Then I’ll create your one pager websites. Connecting your site to your social media and newsletter list. All designed with your colours, fonts and logo. 


Your site is now live and you will access to my training hub, in case you want to make your own changes in the future. Plus you get two weeks of email support. 


if you …

~ Are done procrastinating about design

~ Are willing to trust my judgement and expertise

~ Are less attached to your logo than you are actually doing the work that lights you up

~ Are committed to working within our timeframes (it’s the only way we can work to such a short schedule)

~ Understand that this is about simple, minimal design – not complex, time-consuming illustration


Let’s get started

To book in for a discovery call, reserve your space, check availability or ask some questions, please enter your details below. We’ll be I touch within 24-48 hours!

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