The Basic Anatomy of Logo Design

Creating a logo can mean many things to many people. For some, it’s a must have, others it’s a sign they are ready to get serious about their biz, others it’s about visibility. Just as having your first website is a big step for many people, adding in elements of branding can seem equally daunting. It does have to be. Logo is simply a word to describe the visual label of your business. It can be as simple using a combination of fonts and colours. However if you want to take your logo to the next level here are some elements to consider.


Imagery can come in many different forms. It can be a simple flourish such as a knife and fork for a restaurant. Or a wine glass for a wine bar aka a visual representation of what the business is about. Another way to use imagery is using as a visual interpretation of what your product or services. This could include a rocket – if you were offering service to help people to launch a new biz. Or in the example shown, a wreath of fresh, green plants for a health coach. Other people use a symbol to be part of their logo. It could be as simple as three triangles overlapping. Whether literal or abstract it communicates what your brand is about.

Business Name

This is where you can add in your basic logo design. If you have had your basic logo design for some time, you may want to play around with the colours and fonts. The key, as with website design, is that it is legible and sets your business in the right tone. There are a wide range of fonts to experiment with be that modern, simple, distinctive, handwritten or even vintage.

Strap line

For me, this is becoming a more important element of logo design, as there is a lot of noise on social media and websites.The attention span of visitors is reducing. They want to know what you do as soon as they land on your facebook biz page or website. However a number of sites I have visited recently it has taken me some time to work out what they actually do. Sometimes isn’t obviously, even on the homepage. While having a fancy title can be great in 1-2-1 or one to few conversations, where you have the time to expand and answer questions. On a website you have a few questions. An unsure visitor, is a visitor who leaves your website. A logo is one of the vital key elements of branding – alongside your brand identify palette (aka colours, fonts and graphic elements). Remember your brand will grow and evolve – just like you.

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