The Guru Approach to Decision Making

by | Apr 5, 2017

The Guru Approach to Decision Making


Childs play

As kids, the biggest decision making came down to how to choose who will be “it” at the start of a game. Maybe you were part of the rock, paper, or scissor gang. Or maybe you saw who drew the shortest straw. Or maybe you put your foot forward and did one, two, sky blue.

Decision making is the flip side to procrastination

When you make a decision, often (but not always) you feel obligated to follow through with that decision. And that can be a reason why we don’t make a decision. Because then we would need to take action. There are many different approaches to making a decision. Fully analysing all the possible outcomes and implications. Putting a theoretical pin in the map. Creating a SWOT analysis of the situation.

Overwhelm does not create action

For some people making a decision can be paralysing. When we are at the point of overwhelm and unable to make a decision, people give that power, that decision to others. I have seen it done time and time again in different fb groups. Which logo do you like the best – the rose pink or the Barbie pink? What do you suggest I do (then a long fb post)? On one hand I get that being an on-line entrepreneur and business owner can be lonely. Having a biz buddy or accountability partner is perfect for this. However, on the other hand, it shows that you have fallen into the trap of over thinking it, having too much information and even asking everyone you know what you should do. If you recognise this pattern. Then it’s a little nudge to say you are not trusting in yourself and your abilities enough.

Looking inside

My advice anytime I see posts like that are to say. With light and love (of course). Stop. Breathe. Have a cuppa. Take some time away from the situation. Come back afresh and look inside for the answer. Believe in yourself and your own abilities.

What would my inner guru/Oprah do?

If you feel those blocks such as fear, are still popping up to say hello (to send you on the wrong path). Borrow my simple and easy, inner confidence trick. Dive deep and find your inner guru, your inner Beyoncé, your inner Oprah and ask yourself the simple question.

Don’t rush it. Just sit there and think. Nine times out of ten, the answer usually magically pops into your head (or within the next 24 hours).

Then that’s the time to post in FB groups. “I want to 1,2,3, so that I can do x,y,z. My ideal client is a,b,c, has anyone got any suggestions or guidance”.

In essence, that procrastination and overwhelm creates a mist around us. Making it harder for us to know and trust in our own abilities and knowledge. Clear the mist by creating some quiet time and look within yourself for the answer.

You. Are. Amazing.

Clare Fielder

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