The LBD of Text Colour

by | Apr 19, 2017

The LBD of Text Colour – Terracotta is the new black.


Black and White Days – Old school Body Font colour days.

Having a LBD (Little Black Dress) of body font colour is ok. Using the ‘go to’ of black and grey is fine. I even use grey. There is a long history of why black and then grey have become standard body font colours. In essence, they are used as in the traditional settings back from the book and newspaper print days. Black ink was easier to come by and use. And black and dark greys are easier to see and read.


BUT how do these fit in with our modern world?

Now don’t get me wrong – Black and white has its place. Some of the most remarkable photo’s I have seen, have been black and white.


Now we are creating summaries, not chapters

Most of the websites I create don’t have chapters’ worth of text. They offer edited highlights, summaries, exerts. They are short, digestible, concise sound bites of copy. Copy designed to draw in potential clients and to give them information they need. Blogs and newsletters tend to be the places where people dive deeper.


Colour from every corner of the world

Now the world, and our computer screens are surrounded by colour. Imagine for a moment, the rich colours of spice halls in Morocco or India. The glamourous colours displayed in the feathers on a bird of paradise. They catch your attention. They may even evoke a feeling. But if you had to read a bright pink font for more than a few sentences then your eyes will get weary.


So if you want to inject colour into your webpage – think dark, think muted. Look at the colour wheel and dial down the bright hit in the face; think a whispering a secret in someone’s ear. Remember just as you are reading this, your website visitor will be reading this alone. Just one person. One set of eyes. That is why the colours, images and graphics used in a website are so important. It sets the tone. It shows your personality. So if you prefer to write in a green or purple pen, then consider using a different type of body font colour. My one note of caution would be to consider what background your text is going on to. Are using a clean and crisp white space? Or is the text being overlaid onto an image. By working with a website designer they will be able to suggest how this can work and offer suggestions.

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