The Pistachio Club
Who wants to be vanilla? No-one.

Your website is your corner of the internet. You want it to reflect you and be welcoming a place to invite guests. Just like your home. That’s why I always think of websites, as digital homes.

Firstly, let share a quick story of why my business is called The Pistachio Club. Being a seaside girl, it’s all to do with ice cream. When I was little, if we eat out, then we would all have ice-cream for dessert. And every time without fail, my Dad would ask the waitress what flavours they had. And every time, no matter what was on the list, he would choose vanilla. As I got older, I tried different flavours and Pistachio was my ice cream of choice. It became a family joke. Vanilla is fine for ice cream. But having a digital home is about putting your unique stamp on your corner of the internet. Find your style and chose what flavour suits you.

I work with ...

what I
I collaborate with small business owners to create elegant and stylish websites and brands. It’s such a great feeling to see small business owners transform the way they talk about their business. Because they have website pride.

I can help you create a modern and elegant website that your ideal client will fall in love with. Not only that, I’ll make sure you know exactly how to make the most of your new website too with plenty of training and marketing advice along the way.

If you need support creating a logo and /or and brand identity, to help you set yourself apart from the crowd, I can create that for you as well.

Hello and welcome, I’m Clare  – a digital branding & web designer, nature lover, and dancer.

I left my job as Senior Client Director to set up my own digital design boutique. Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, I work with clients all around the world, from home in Bournemouth.

I love working with creative and passionate clients every day …  and taking a morning stroll along the beach. Did you know Bournemouth has 7 miles of golden sand?

Some usual facts about me …

I danced in the opening ceremony of Olympics Games in London 2012

My top score in ‘Ticket To Ride’ is 231

I was once a dance extra in a Hollywood film

Things I like to have a mental top 5 list for are – fruits, veggies, and obvs – ice cream flavours

The Pistachio Club


she believes in …

Putting her spirit into everything she creates.

she is …

a doer, a change maker.

An everyday action taker

she …

Knows when to lean in & ask for support

she …

Collect memories


she desires …


Uplifting those around her with positive 


she is …

Passionate, Playful & Radiates Joy

she …

loves being in nature & sees the outdoors as a space to …

Think. Create.

Connect & Find peace.

she is …

Ready to share her message

Made with love


A total professional who was able to understand my whims and just got on with it!

I'd highly recommend Clare, from the beginning to end the process has been painless! I have been told the website is easy to navigate, it's fun, it's obvious what I do and engaging.

Elaine Pasini

Do yourself a Favor: Hire this woman.

Clare is a Dream. After nearly driving myself insane, she dove in and created exactly what I needed for my site. She saved my ass and made my launch a smashing success - and calmed me down (no easy feat).

Rebecca T Dickson

A wealth of knowledge and wisdom in business strategy

She is always thinking one step ahead, exploring possibilities, connecting dots and tying up loose ends in your plans to lead to your successful outcome. It's not just about the what though, Clare is great to work with; full of energy, enthusiasm and she is gifted in making what's daunting feel do-able. She has a lovely way of giving support, encouragement, and accountability and it's a pleasure to work with her.

Noelle Goggin

Trust me you NEED a Clare in your life!

She really understands what I'm thinking and then goes all out to make it even better than I imagined. She has a truly thorough understanding of websites and offers her advice to make sure you get the best out of your website. This makes her an invaluable resource.

Rachel Penman

Clare is so intuitive and she really listens.

I have no idea what kind of magic spell she put on me and my website, but she has helped be proud of what I do.

Ruth Willis

A Web Design & Branding agency based in Bournemouth, Dorset. Serving local, regional, and global clients. 



Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT

Email: clare {at} thepistachioclub.com

Skype ID:  Clare_Fielder