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Don’t be a guru. Be a helper.

    Don't be a Guru. Be a helper.   If you spend any time in the online world, you will see many self-confessed gurus out there. In all type of areas. The six-figure launch, client attraction, FB ad's and so many more. I think most of us can write the intro to their...

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Which web platform to choose?

    Just starting out and unsure which web platform to choose?   If you are new to the idea of having your own website, you may be wrestling with the idea of which one. There is a big choice out there. Hopefully, you will know why you need one, even when you have...

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Business Lesson from the most unlikely places

    Business Lesson from the most unlikely places   Over the last few months, there has been so much media coverage of The World Cup, Love Island, and Le Tour De France. So as I sip my coffee I was wondering if there are any business lessons to learn from these...

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Brand Personality

Brand Personality   The other week I gave a talk at a local networking event called "Why Brand Consistency is Queen". So today I wanted to talk more about, what is Brand Personality. The personality of your brand is all about how you express your brand through your...

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Banish Mind Monkeys with this   When you are running a business, from the outside it looks like so much fun. However, something which affects pretty much every entrepreneur ... is the Mind Monkeys. In other words, those stories, beliefs, mental blocks (aka mindset)...

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Three Simple Steps to creating an authentic business

    Three Simple Steps to creating an authentic business   “Being Authentic” seems like a buzz word at the moment. A marketing term used by many as a catch-all . However when read in context with the marketing message, it is anything but authentic. Anything but real...

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I’ve installed divi, now what?

So I've installed Divi, now what?   So you have installed the Divi Theme for WordPress. Congrats! I love it, and I know many other people do. But I also remember that feeling of being lost and being overwhelmed when I created my first site (far too many years ago to...

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Five website problems, and how to fix them

Five website problems and how to fix them   I often talk about website shame. There can be various reasons why people don’t want to, or feel unconfident in sharing their website address with others. I’m all about turning your digital home aka your website, into a...

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How to Prepare for Your Web Design Project

How to Prepare for Your Web Design Project   Preparing to have a new website designed and built is exciting. It can also be mind-boggling, intimidating, overwhelming, and stressful. If you haven’t had a website designed before, then it can be hard to know what you...

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How to decide which website builder to use

Website Builders So you have decided to create a website. Now what? You have some ideas about what you want it to look like. Maybe you even have some ideas about branding and imagery. But now it’s time to think and decide what platform or website builder you are going...

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The ONLY 3 types of Web Fonts you will need

The ONLY 3 types of Web Fonts you will need   The wonderful world of fonts. There are days when it feels like I’m a kid in a sweetie shop when I look at font choices. Sooooo many decisions to make. It can be tough deciding on just three to work with for a website. But...

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Creating a Colour Palette for your Brand

Creating a Colour Palette for your Brand   One element of creating a brand is selecting the colour palette you want to use for your website and social media graphics. In this previous blog post, I shared one approach to choosing your brand colours. Today I wanted to...

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The LBD of Text Colour

The LBD of Text Colour – Terracotta is the new black.   Black and White Days – Old school Body Font colour days. Having a LBD (Little Black Dress) of body font colour is ok. Using the ‘go to’ of black and grey is fine. I even use grey. There is a long history of why...

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The Guru Approach to Decision Making

The Guru Approach to Decision Making   Childs play As kids, the biggest decision making came down to how to choose who will be “it” at the start of a game. Maybe you were part of the rock, paper, or scissor gang. Or maybe you saw who drew the shortest straw. Or maybe...

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My Top Resources To Design a Website from Scratch

My Top Resources To Design a Website from Scratch   In my previous blog post, I shared my web design secrets. I know as a previous DIY myself, it can be hard trying to figure out how to design a website from scratch. In today’s post, I’d like to share my top four...

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The Basic Anatomy of Logo Design

The Basic Anatomy of Logo Design   Creating a logo can mean many things to many people. For some, it’s a must have, others it’s a sign they are ready to get serious about their biz, others it’s about visibility. Just as having your first website is a big step for many...

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My simple tip to selecting your Brand Colours

How to choose brand colours – My simple tip how to selecting your Brand Colours   One of the key elements in branding, is the use of colour. I view it as adding the tonic to the gin. It’s the perfect complement to using your branding fonts and graphics. Some people...

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How to Design a Website from Scratch

How to Design a Website from Scratch   This week I wanted to share some ideas about how to design a website from scratch. Most DIYers are all starting from the same place. Having minimal knowledge about graphic or web design. This is why so many people feel in a total...

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A story about pricing

A story about pricing   Today I’m sharing with you a story about pricing. Deciding what to charge for a product or service can be such a complex topic. There are many schools of thought, heated debates and “success” formulas on this matter. Deciding on a price can be...

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A total professional who was able to understand my whims and just got on with it!

I'd highly recommend Clare, from the beginning to end the process has been painless! I have been told the website is easy to navigate, it's fun, it's obvious what I do and engaging.

Elaine Pasini

Do yourself a Favor: Hire this woman.

Clare is a Dream. After nearly driving myself insane, she dove in and created exactly what I needed for my site. She saved my ass and made my launch a smashing success - and calmed me down (no easy feat).

Rebecca T Dickson

A wealth of knowledge and wisdom in business strategy

She is always thinking one step ahead, exploring possibilities, connecting dots and tying up loose ends in your plans to lead to your successful outcome. It's not just about the what though, Clare is great to work with; full of energy, enthusiasm and she is gifted in making what's daunting feel do-able. She has a lovely way of giving support, encouragement, and accountability and it's a pleasure to work with her.

Noelle Goggin

Trust me you NEED a Clare in your life!

She really understands what I'm thinking and then goes all out to make it even better than I imagined. She has a truly thorough understanding of websites and offers her advice to make sure you get the best out of your website. This makes her an invaluable resource.

Rachel Penman

Clare is so intuitive and she really listens.

I have no idea what kind of magic spell she put on me and my website, but she has helped be proud of what I do.

Ruth Willis

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