How to create consistent sales for your online course by using Sales Funnels

You’ve put in the work to create an amazing course packed full of content. So done your research and found an online course builder. Now you’re raring to go!

But the part most people forget to focus on is selling and marketing the course. You’ve put it online ready for people to sign up, but sales have been slow or even non-existent. What could be happening? And what can you do about it?

You are an expert on your subject matter. You did create a course on it after all. However, you might not be as good a marketer. So, while your course is full of amazing content, nobody is learning what you are sharing.

Luckily, we’ll explain in this article what a sales funnel is, why you need it, and how to build one.

What Are Sales Funnels?

One of the simplest ways to explain a sales funnel is to think of it as a pathway or a series of actions taken on the way to buying your course. You offer calls to actions or CTA’s to engage with your content, with the goal of them enrolling for your course.

Not having a process, such as a sales funnel, for your courses drastically reduces your chances of finding and attracting students. While your course may be the perfect solution, unless people know about your offering, then attracting them to purchase it will be an uphill struggle. A sales funnel creates a process to help you to share your course and it’s features and benefits.

While individual tactics have a place in your overall marketing and sales strategy, a sales funnel is a structured process to create interest and awareness. So without a sales funnel, you are probably not producing the desired results.

To get people to subscribe and register, it’s better to lead them through a series of steps that drives those specific actions. While setting up a sales funnel might take a little bit of work, the end results are worth it. The best thing is it can be automated, leaving you time to focus on other value-driven tasks.

To set up your sales funnel, you need:

  • A clear offer: Can someone easily understand what you are offering and how it can help them
  • Valuable free content: This can be a lead magnet, masterclass, etc. Something which helps and supports your potential client. So that they can get to know, like, and trust you.
  • An e-mail marketing option: There are numerous software that allow you to send specific messages personally to your audience. Ideally, one which you can set up an automated email sequence.
  • A source of traffic: This is a place where your target audience hangs out, such as Facebook, Quora, or other public forums.
  • Content software: This can be a graphic design software such as Canva to create lead magnets, or video software for webinars.


How to Use a Sales Funnel

Using a sales funnel is actually quite easy in itself.

  1. First, research what problem your target audience is facing, and create your course content to provide a solution
  2. Create some free content that solves one of these problems. This is the hook that attracts your audience.
  3. Use additional free content to build your email list. Add an option to your free content that gets interested members of your audience to subscribe to your mailing list
  4. Send a welcome email, as well as another automated follow-up emails with a clear Call-To-Action that markets your course to your customers.


Using this process, you’re guaranteed to make more progress in creating consistent sales for your course. As you find out more about what attracts your target audience you and can refine the funnel.

Now that you know what a sales funnel is, do try it out and let me know what your experience was like.

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