Pinterest Analytics : How A Business Account Features Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Analytics, are you using Pinterest to its fullest potential for your business? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to capture new leads and increase sales for your business. With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a treasure trove of untapped potential for solopreneurs and small business owners alike. But how do you know if your Pinterest marketing strategy is working? The answer: Pinterest analytics. In this blog post, we will explore how its analytics can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for analyzing your Pins and Boards’ performance. It provides important insights into a number of areas. Firstly your overall presence, so that is your organic, paid, and earned engagement for all of your Pins. You also have account insights that look at how people have interacted with your Pinterest content. Plus you can also see which pins are the most popular, giving insight into which design and graphics are appealing to your audience. And speaking of audience, you also get to see insights into what your audience is interested in, based on their behaviour on Pinterest. So, as you can see, there is a range of data, information, and insights to be gained. All of which you can optimise for your Pinterest marketing strategy and better tailor your content to your audience’s interests and preferences.

General Pinterest analytics terminology

Comprehending the terms within your data will give a clearer understanding of the insights it reveals, and how it can influence your marketing strategy.


These can be thought of as views a.k.a it’s the number of times your Pins were shown. Pins can be shown on the homepage, on another user’s board, or on search results. When a pin has a high number of impressions it indicates your content is popular and is working with the Pintrest Algorithm. However do remember these are not exclusive views to one person, meaning that one person may have seen your pin on numerous occasions.

Total audience

As mentioned above, one person can see your pin many times. To determine the total audience, Pinterest looks at the unique users who encountered your Pin within a specific timeframe, say 30 days. The balance between impressions and the total audience can give you an indication of how often one user saw your pin.


Previously this was named repins. Saves shows that your audience has connected and resonated with your pin and has saved it to a board for future reference. This means your Pin also gets shown in their follower feeds as well, enabling your to reach a wider audience.


In the Pinterest world, engagement when someone clicked or saved your Pin. Again comparing this number with the number of impressions, to can give you a lot of insight. Sometimes a Pin can have high engagement than one which has had a higher number of impressions. As with all these types of insights, start to look at the different designs and descriptions to identify what is make your pin appealing.

Engaged audience

Uncover what content is driving the highest engagement from your Pins with ease by tracking Audience Engagement metrics. With this data, you can easily identify and understand which content resonates (people saved, reacted to, commented on, or clicked your pin) most with viewers for any given time period! Again this insight is a true gem of insight to see what is and isn’t working. Check regularly to see what (if any) changes have occurred.

Pin clicks

Pin clicks (formerly known as closeups) track the number of people who have clicked on your Pin. Not only do these include clicks that brought users to a page located within Pinterest, but they take into account those which lead outside as well. This statistic is integral in recognizing what it was about your pins that captivated viewers’ attention!

Pin click rate

Pin click rate offers valuable insight into how captivated your viewers are with your Pins. It is calculated by taking the total number of clicks from your Pin to content on or off Pinterest and dividing it by the times that same pin was seen on a screen. When you receive an elevated pin click rate, this indicates that people in your target audience have responded positively when they view it – making for an ideal metric to assess just how interested they are in what you’re offering them.

Outbound clicks

Link clicks are now known as outbound clicks. It calculates the total number of people clicking through to your website or the destination URL. This shows how effective your content is, as it’s prompting people to take action and be directed away from Pinterest. You can link any URL to a pin – so that could be your own site or a third-party site.

Outbound click rate

This shows your outbound click as a percentage. It helps you gauge the effectiveness of your Pinterest Pins. If your click-through rate is high, that shows your calls to action are effective.

Video views

Knowing how many viewers watch your videos for more than two seconds and with at least half the video in view, is essential to gauging the success of your content. Video views measure this type of engagement, allowing you to determine what works best for keeping audiences hooked on your videos.


With access to Pinterest Analytics audience insights, you can gain deeper insight into the demographic makeup of your audience. This includes language, gender dynamics, device usage stats, and categories/interests they actively follow. All this information helps you to reflect if the audience demographics are aligned with the audience you wanted to attract. It can also help to understand and tailor content and design styles, to match your audience’s wants and needs.


This measure is about understanding your audience’s affinity or connection for a particular subject. Pinterest ad campaigns are ideal to pinpoint this exact demographic and the associated affinities – the higher percentage being, of course, indicative of greater engagement with that topic. This measure allows you to be curious as to what resonates most with your audience, and that is an amazing method for creating powerful content ideas!

Conversion insights

With Conversion Insights, you can gain a tangible understanding of the impact that organic and paid performance to have on your Pinterest content. Here, measuring return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per action (CPA) is made easy with data visualizations in one convenient dashboard!

Top Converting Pins

Take a look at the Conversions section of Pinterest Analytics Dashboard to accurately measure your top Pins against different insights we have discussed in this blog post. Analyze if there is any similarity to your top converting pins. See if it is the design, the text (Call To Action), colours, images etc get curious and start to understand what is appealing and start to create your own design success formula. Also, compare which pins are more suited for specific actions —if this wasn’t intentional before now is an ideal time to make those adjustments.

Page visits

If one of your objectives is website conversions, carefully monitor the number of visits to your site that come from Pinterest. Remember to claim your website if you want accurate tracking data. Measure this metric against “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” activity for an evaluation of how well your website is functioning.

Add to cart and checkouts

Evaluate the effectiveness of your Pinterest referrals by looking at both add-to-cart and completion metrics. Scrutinize these numbers in comparison with page visits—if website activity is high but purchases are low, you may need to optimize your web pages. If people keep adding items to their carts, yet not finishing the purchase process, investigate what’s causing them to abandon it; make sure that checkouts are functioning properly or reach out directly if necessary.

To access your Pinterest Analytics dashboard check out this page.

In summary

Pinterest Analytics is a vital tool for any solopreneur or small business owner looking to improve their Pinterest marketing strategy. With features such as Rich Pins, the Analytics Dashboard, Audience Insights, Website Analytics, and Pinterest Tag, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and preferences, optimize your content, and track your ROI. So, if you’re not utilizing Pinterest Analytics yet, it’s time to start! If you need help and support with your Pinterest Account I would love to talk to you.

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