Rich Pins – Features of a Business Pinterest Account

Rich Pins are an important feature of a business Pinterest account. Pinterest works hard “To bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love”, and rich pins do exactly that. Providing additional information in a user-friendly way to help and support its users on their journey of personal discovery.

Pinterest Rich Pins

Rich pins add additional information to a Pinterest pin, making it easier for users to find and engage with the content. There are different types of rich pins available for businesses, including product, recipe, and article pins. Utilising rich pins not only makes your content more visible but also enhances the user experience. Pinterest Rich Pins are pins that display additional information beyond an image or link. Rich Pins upgrade the experience for Pinners, displaying valuable data right on the Pin – that isn’t tucked away in a description. This amplifies engagement with your content and guarantees important information is always connected to your pin no matter what!

Article Rich Pin

With Article Rich Pins, Pinners can securely save the articles and blogs that are important to them. Every article pin includes the headline, author’s name, and story description, providing an attractive visual interface for readers. So users are able to get all relevant information without leaving the platform.

Product Rich Pin 

Making shopping simpler with Rich Pins. These types of Rich Pins make sure that you have access to the most accurate details, such as price and availability, so the user can easily buy your product. Plus, when any changes are made on their source website, these alterations will be reflected in your Rich Pin too. This allows for real-time information updates each time a change is made ensuring up-to-date data!

Recipe Rich Pin 

With Recipe Rich Pins, cooks can find all the key info they need to get excited about their next dish: from ingredients and cooking times to serving sizes. Remember that Pinterest users are often in the planning stages, so displaying all this vital information within the pin means the user can make a quick decision to save it for future reference, or this their interest is piqued then click through to your site.

How to set up Rich Pins on your Pinterest Business Profile

Now you know what Rich Pins are and the different types available. So let’s take it one step further and look at how to set them up for your business profile.

Firstly, to create a Rich Pin, you will need to access your website code through the Meta tag validator, then verify that you own the website. After that, you can generate and submit the Rich Pin code to Pinterest.

Once your Rich Pin is approved by Pinterest, it will appear on your business profile with additional data regarding the product or article. This will make sure users have access to all relevant information while they are browsing!

To keep up to date with the latest best practices head on over to this information page.

In Summary

Rich pins are a great feature of having a business profile for small business owners and solopreneurs. It allows you to share content in an attractive and informative manner, providing users with all the necessary information without leaving the platform. This helps to increase engagement with your pins and make sure customers have access to up-to-date data about products or articles. If you need help or support with your Pinterest Business account, check out my Pinterest Management Services here.

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