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Brand Personality

The other week I gave a talk at a local networking event called “Why Brand Consistency is Queen”. So today I wanted to talk more about, what is Brand Personality.

The personality of your brand is all about how you express your brand through your messaging and communications. This can be the visuals and the words you use. It’s a mixture of your tone, outlook, word usage – whether that is intentional or not. It’s how people recognise you and connect with you.

It shares an insight into what it would be like to work with you. What you value. What you are passionate about. When we do business, we want to connect with the right person for that job, offer, service or product. When you buy from a small business you are buying into a person’s dreams and aspirations. Buying from a small business is personal. So let your personality shine.

Buyers are looking for the back story. Knowing where you get your ingredients, knowing your approach. People who tend to buy from small businesses care more about those elements. Rather than if they were buying from a big brand.

Four signs that you may need to get clear on your brand personality?

  1. You find it hard to write your website copy (or even talk about your business).
  2. You struggle to post on social media.
  3. You find it difficult to connect to your ideal/dream clients.
  4. You find people still don’t really understand what you do.

Some questions to help you identify your brand personality

  • Do speak/write to your clients casually or formally?
  • Do you use on-trend words or slang?
  • Do you use the words that your ideal/dream clients use?
  • Are you friendly, humorous, sarcastic, direct, brash, loud?
  • How would your clients describe working with you?
  • What is your unique ‘Superpower’?
  • Is there consistency in what I create?

Start to brainstorm some ideas, words, phrases, visuals what express your true brand personality. Reflect on this over the coming days and weeks.

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Clare Fielder is a Lifestyle Web Designer who helps women entrepreneurs stand out online. She’s great at getting inside a buyer’s mind, and she mixes her knowledge of buyer psychology and big brands to help her clients create new and exciting ways to package their services. Clare believes refreshing walks along the beach are the perfect start to the day; she also has no self-control when buying journals, notebooks or pens.

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