Three Simple Steps to creating an authentic business

“Being Authentic” seems like a buzz word at the moment. A marketing term used by many as a catch-all . However when read in context with the marketing message, it is anything but authentic. Anything but real or unique. In the olde days being authentic meant coming from a real and deep place within. Where your words and actions were completely aligned you your values and beliefs. Not listening to the naysayers. Not listening to the doubts. Being the real you. Not the Instagram / Pinterest picture perfect version of you.

Re-frame it

Because I see this word so much in my on-line world, I’ve decided to reframe it. Rather than having an authentic business, I think of it as a me-bespoke business. Because each of us are truly individuals. Bespoke individuals. One of a kind. We are not carbon copies of each other. The only carbon I like to wear is my grandmother’s diamond ring. But seriously, reclaim what values you have. List out what makes you unique. Make a top 10 list of things which make you, you. Individually these things may not be so unique, but put them together and hey presto.

This is my list

  • I use to be a ‘Trolleyologist’ aka studied shopper behaviour and journeys.
  • I love doing modern jive partner dancing.
  • When I dance with a good partner, it’s like a moving meditation
  • I have a little obsession with playing Ticket to Ride (North American version) – it’s like a logic/strategic overload for my brain.
  • According to me, Raspberries are the number one fruit in the world. Closely followed by Blackberries.
  • Living by the beach make my soul very, very happy.
  • Watching cute baby animals (especially puppies and baby panda’s) clips on youtube is not a waste of time.
  • I notice things about people and my surrounding which many others just ignore.
  • I can remember a lot of detail from dreams I had a long time ago (over 20 years !!).
  • I believe, sometimes it’s beautiful to do nothing – and to rest afterward.
  • I believe a spare hand is a helping hand.
  • I believe the world is a much happier, vibrant place than the news would have us think.

So you can see there is the mix of the analytical which I love. Making it accessible so everyone can understand it. I can also take a lot of information at one time and then see the key themes and patterns. I also like to understand the flow between things, be that people dancing, the balance of nature, or how people shop.

When I dig deep and understand more about how these things make me different. The greater self-knowledge I have. This means creating a me-bespoke business is much simpler.

Here are my three simple step to creating an “authentic/me-bespoke” business.

1.Know WHAT you do
What problem you solve, what value you offer. This is how you are of service and help people. Keep it short and simple. Complicated does not win over customers.

2. Know WHY you do it
Call it core values, call it driving passion. This is the fuel in your engine which keeps you running. Get back to basics. What do you stand for? What are your boundaries?

3. Know HOW you do it
How your mind works, how you care for your customers, how you infuse you into your business. This is how you bring your unique character, skills and talents into delivering your offering.


Simples. Shine from the inside out. You. Are. Amazing.

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