The 4 Personality Types Your Website Needs To Appeal To

by | May 3, 2017

The 4 Personality Types Your Website Needs To Appeal To


This week I want to cover a topic that I’ve seen so many DIYers gloss over. Website Personality Types. Hands up if at some point you have taken a personality test. They are very common in the corporate world. One of the most widely used is the Myers-Briggs test. Failing to understand that potential clients view and consume websites in different ways, means you are missing out on the opportunity to create the best website possible for your business. Remember we all communicate in different ways. Learning more about these personality types will have the potential to send your website into the stratosphere.


These types of communicators likes to get things done and are very action-oriented. Give them facts, not feelings. Be short and to the point.

How to appeal to a Now

  • Attention grabbing headers and statements.
  • Ensure ‘calls to actions’ are clear and easy to see.
  • Review the number of clicks to get to a decision-making page.
  • Offer simple, practical solutions to their problem.


Some of their key traits are being empathetic, personal, and intuitive. They like to be involved and supportive of others. They enjoy informal relationships and do not like rigid and bureaucratic systems and processes. They take longer to make a decision. They look for the positives.

How to appeal to a Sunshine

  • Share your story of how you got to where you are today.
  • Show and tell them how they can support you.
  • Emphasise feelings into the benefits of a product or service.
  • Invite them to get involved in your on-line community.


On the whole, they are creative and conceptual in their thinking, which allows them to make associations and give insights which others miss. They also see everyone as an individual and can have an idealistic view of the world. They use inductive reasoning to make a decision.

How to appeal to a Satellite

  • They love to express ideas, give them the opportunity to grow your brand through your community and social media.
  • Try to show that you are interested in him/her as a person.
  • Involve them in one – to – few social media platforms where they can share their ideas as well.

If Then

Are super precise and analytical. They like consistency and logic. On the whole, they tend to be less concerned about the personal feelings of others. Decision making is unemotional and takes time.

How to appeal to an If Then

  • Ensure your website flow is logical. Give them all the information they need in a systematic way -FAQ, terms and conditions etc sections are perfect for this.
  • Give them all the information they need in a systematic way FAQ, terms and conditions etc sections are perfect for this.
  • Make sure you have FAQ, terms and conditions, privacy policies in place.

Within each of these personality types, there will be people who are more drawn to the how it looks visually or the words your using. You may be surprised by the “types” that are on the list! Can you see yourself in any of them?

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