Why is Self-Confidence So Important to a Small Business Owner?

In today’s fast-paced business world, confidence in yourself is an essential tool every small business owner or solopreneur should have. Certificates and qualifications are valuable.  But it takes something more than those to put you on the right track for success in your chosen field of business. 

Most small business owners carry the extra burden of taking on almost every aspect of conducting business by themselves, from finance to creation. However, when it comes to taking your small business to the next level and giving it the visibility it needs, a good dose of self-confidence is essential. Being confident in yourself, your business, and your ideas will make it easier to share your brand, get your target audience to believe in your business, and attract new customers.

However, as important as self-confidence is for every small business owner to promote their business, it may not be a trait that comes naturally. Here are some tips to help you build on your self-confidence as a small business owner;

Have your own back

One way to boost your faith in your abilities is to back yourself. Knowing that you have your own back and are responsible for helping or encouraging yourself means that you will not be overly dependent on others. There will be some days where being there for yourself can be difficult. Instead of waiting for others to inspire you, take time to review your past achievements and testimonials you have received from satisfied clients. Sometimes we are so focused on the future we forget what we have already made happen. 

Be the advocate you need

Learn to be an advocate for yourself. It is usually easier to see the successes and beauty in another person’s work than in ours. However, you need to look at yourself and your business’ progress, if you are to be an advocate for yourself. When talking to others, speak about your business in a manner that shows how much pride you have in what you have achieved in the past. As well as how much faith you have in the future of your business. There will be times when some things may go wrong, but be sure to notice and improve them. 

Simple mindset tips to boost your self-confidence

Positive language:

  • Our words have a way of shaping our mindset and that of the people around us. Therefore, it is crucial to watch the words you speak, especially when talking to others about your business. Be positive with your words but be careful not to appear overly arrogant.

Place focus on the positive possibilities:

  • It is human to sometimes think about what may go wrong with a particular business deal or risk. Instead of wasting energy focusing on what could go wrong, concentrate on the positives and visualise things going as you want them to. The mind has a unique way of attracting the possibilities we envision.

Live the future you want to see now:

  • How do you want to see yourself in the future? What future version of yourself do you want to see? Instead of waiting for the right pieces to fall in place, step into your future self now. Remember that the future you imagine has a lot to do with the steps you take now to achieve them. 

Pick the right role models:

  • The business world has so many examples of people who worked on their self-confidence levels just by learning from their role models. Picking a role model is about knowing what they did to become successful and how they did what they did. Therefore, as you learn their success models, find out what you can learn from their confidence, and incorporate them into your personality. That is because the aim is not to imitate them but instead be inspired by them.

Speak out loud to yourself:

  • There is nothing wrong with spending a few minutes in front of your mirror every morning to speak and reaffirm positive words to yourself. Positive confession shapes our thought process over time, and we end up believing the things we say to ourselves. Therefore, take time out every day to speak loudly to yourself while looking into the mirror. Remind yourself how confident you are to achieve your business goals. Even if you may have some doubts initially, it is essential to continue speaking positively to yourself. It may not take an overnight transformation to change your mindset, but with time, the words you express will be the person you become. That is the power of positive confession.

Create your own identity:

  • As mentioned earlier, the point is not to imitate others or become a copied version of the people you look up to. Use what you learn from others as the starting point for your journey. Put into practice everything you learn and incorporate these lessons into your personality and style as you progress. Over time, you should create your self-confident character and identity in a more attuned way to who you are and not a carbon copy of someone else. Focus on your unique abilities and find waves to weave your individuality into what you learn from others.

Take your time and track your progress:

  • The last thing you want to do is judge yourself always when trying to build your self-confidence. This journey is a lengthy one and requires all the patience and practice you can muster. Take time to assess yourself regularly without judging yourself. Take note of what you want, where you want to be, where you are at the moment, and how to get to where you want to be. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”; as quickly as you may want to reach your objectives, practice takes time. So, do not expect to be perfect the first time around; practice regularly and grow continuously.

Create a system of accountability and support

As much as you will be doing everything by yourself, you will need someone or some system to help hold you accountable. Doing this will ensure that something keeps you in check and prevents you from abandoning your objective. It is also vital to create a support system to help you through different opportunities and possibilities.

If you do need support then do check out my digital coaching options.  And also feel free to  book a callso we can talk through how to move forward. 


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