Get More Visibility for Your Business 

Visibility for your business increases the likelihood of your ideal client and their circle of influence discovering your products and services. People must know that your company exists, in order to boost your chances of succeeding in today’s competitive environment. By prioritising business visibility, it will help your business to grow and increase new business leads. 

How to Get Noticed as A Small Business Owner

From a strategic and tactical business perspective, there are two main tried and tested business visibility avenues available to small businesses. These paths are visibility among your clientele (both past and present) and visibility within your business community.

As a small business owner, visibility within your business community is vital as people commonly equate visibility to credibility and trust. Being a visible figure within your community and field will quickly establish your business as an authority and expert that consumers can trust. Below are some ideas to increase your visibility: 


Networking remains one of the most effective means of getting noticed as a small business owner. However, it is good to recognise that attending networking events can be overwhelming. Check out this blog post for some guidance. When it comes to networking, there are three main types.  

  • Strategic networking involves targeting a list of key industry figures you would want to meet or any activities oriented toward future priorities.
  • Operational networks are internal relationships you must build with vital outsiders like distributors, suppliers, referrals, and customers.
  • Personal networks are the external relationships with acquaintances that you must leverage to enjoy valuable knowledge and access to needed resources occasionally.

Several business experts agree that you must have a reliable network of all three types for optimum results. Common ways you can network include:

  • Attending many business events – 85% of people admit to building strong business relationships through in-person conferences and meetings. Therefore, be it breakfast events, roundtable meetings, industry-specific meetings with events, etc., discover which ones support and help you with your visibility goals.
  • Exchanging contacts with key people and keeping in touch- Maintain a database of important contacts that you keep in touch with regularly through email, handwritten notes, etc. This can include your list of people who refer you, key business people within your local area, and anyone else who could support your business goals.
  • Associations with local business groups – Local community involvement is a known way of increasing your small business’s visibility and connections. There is a whole array of connections, collaborations, referral,s and partnerships that can be built through local business associations. They may also open a door to additional access to services and resources, networking opportunities, and an enhanced reputation.
  • Local press articles – There is still an exodus to being published in local or industry press. This is something that can be added to your website to increase your authority. Often the business editor for a local paper is looking for good business new stories, which can increase your reach and audience within your local area. Reaching out to business publications about your business or even writing an article filled with value guidance, exposes readers to your knowledge and gain an understanding of what you stand for and offer. These articles also boost your credence within your industry, making you a trusted information source.
  • Applying for business awards – Entering awards helps attract new clients, increase your small business visibility, and boost your credibility. Many businesses also use awards to strengthen business relationships because you can invite clients and potential customers to attend.

How to Get Noticed Easily as A Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, YOU are the business. Nowadays customers can be found in several online communities and digital spaces. Some popular strategies you can try include;

  • Building a business website – In today’s digital age, consumers demand that you have a digital presence, which they can refer to for finding out more about you and your business. Therefore, build a great website to help in attracting clients and boost your small business visibility.
  • Social media marketing – Consider social media as a powerful and cost-effective tool to improve your business and visibility. Many business experts advise targeting about 2-3 relevant social media platforms that favour your business, instead of all trying to be active on all of them.
  • Blogging – Blogs are still popular ways to reach potential customers. You can repurpose blog content for your social media platforms as well. By repeatedly uploading engaging content, not only will the search engines, but also ideal paying customers, will gradually notice you.
  • Create a Vlog or YouTube Channel – Several surveys suggest that videos are the most engaging content type. Videos unite two things that capture human attention effectively- movement and noise. Customers love engaging videos because they are simple to follow and easy to remember, so consider YouTube channels or vlogs to increase your small business visibility and engage people. There are many creative ways to be visible, even if you don’t like being in front of the camera (and dancing around).

Increase Visibility to Be First in Mind

The role of being visible is all about increasing the opportunities for your business to be in front of ideal paying customers’ minds. It’s good to find your blend between the activities you like and enjoy doing and where your contacts, referrers, and ideal paying customers are. With visibility, there isn’t a one size fits all, and remember we all have a different comfort zone in these types of situations. Remember, when a business opportunity pops up, people will quickly remember your brand as a solution and approach you. Contacts you have networked with, and even ordinary people you have managed to win over through your visibility efforts can also recommend your company to other people needing the product or service your business provides. 

The Visibility Mindset

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners, often suffer mindset blocks regarding visibility. Factors like the fear of vulnerability, fear of rejection, and having an impostor syndrome, hold many people back from putting themselves out there. However, you must understand that a crucial reason why several small businesses, mainly when you are a solopreneur, struggle with visibility is that it is a two-way street. Visibility can be positive and negative, meaning that you will hear the good and the bad. Therefore, develop a logical and constructive mindset.

In Summary

In conclusion, visibility is an important part of any business, but it should not be looked at as a daunting task. By understanding that both positive and negative feedback can come with being visible, entrepreneurs and small business owners will be able to develop the right mindset for success when it comes to marketing their products or services. By taking advantage of all available resources such as social media platforms and SEO optimization tools can help increase your reach immensely. If you need further support or guidance, I would love to talk. Book your free 30-minute consult call here.

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